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The procedure of reviewing the manuscripts and the order of publication in the journal “Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy. Geologiya i Razvedka” ("Proceedings of the higher educational institutions. Geology and Exploration")

1. Papers received by the Editorial Board are undergone examination by highly qualified experts from the members of the Editorial Board and / or of the external experts (a peer-review). Reviewing of the papers is anonymous(single blind peer review). Authors are not informed who specifically reviewed their paper. However, at the request of the reviewer and with his (her) written consent, the reviewer's name may be reported to the author.

2. Selection of a reviewer is the prerogative of the Editorial Board. Editors can offer to the reviewers a special, prepared by the journal form (a profile) with a list of typical questions to facilitate a comprehensive description of the article by the reviewer, and the subsequent adoption of the Editorial Board about the feasibility of the article to be published.

The manuscript is sent for reviewing to the experts skilled in the field of the research, and after reviewing the Editorial Board decides the fate of the manuscript: to be accepted as it was submitted for revision,  to be modified by the authors or to be rejected from publication.

3. Upon receipt the review, one copy is sent to the author, the other - is stored in the editorial office.

4. The manuscript sent to the authors for revision on the comments of reviewers and editors is reviewed again, and then again the Editorial Board decides the admissibility of its publication. The return of the manuscripts to the authors for revision does not mean that the article is accepted for publication. The text modified by the author must be returned with the original version of the article, as well as the responses to all comments.

6. Manuscripts having received negative reviews are rejected or re-routed to another reviewer by the decision of the Editorial Board.

7. Upon receipt of two negative reviews the manuscript is finally declined from publication.

8. Articles are published as far as they are received and as far as the sections of the journal are filled. A priority of the publication is defined by the date of the acceptance of the paper for publication. Members of the Editorial Board have the right to recommend the expedited publication for the papers, considered as priority and having received high scores from reviewers.