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School of Geophysics

School of Geophysics

The graduates of this School are experts in physics, computation, physical and mathematical modeling of geophysical processes, computerized field measurements, field study data processing. These skills and knowledge let them work successfully in the largest Russian and foreign compannies, such as Gasprom, Lukoil, British Petroleum, Rosneft. They create new methods and approaches to geological exploration, weather and magnetic storm forecasting, earthquake study. The largest IT companies hire them for positions of programmers and system administrators.

The School of Geophysics was founded in 1930. It has prepared over 4,000 highly-qualified specialists in the field of geophysical methods of mineral deposits searching and exploration. They have the following specializations: exploration seismology, geophysical well exploration, ecological (nuclear radiometric) geophysics; methods of electrical exploration, gravity measurements and magnetic exploration. Doctoral candidacy for specialization ‘Applies Mathematics’ was opened in 2011. Terms of education are: 5 years for a qualification Specialist, 4 years – for Bachelor, 2 –for Master of Science (after reaching Specialist or Bachelor qualification), 2-for Associate and Doctor of Science (after reaching Specialist or Master of Science qualification).

For 80 years of its activity one thing has never changed – our faculty has been preparing high quility specialists, who have deep and profound knowledge in physics, mathematics, informatics and geoinformatic technologies.

The School has up-to-date training and research laboratories, computer classes. It has contracted for scientific-research works with industrial enterprises anf research institutes, received Russian and foreign grants for research. Students are active participants in this activity. Results of their research are delivered at scientific conferences and issued in special magazines.

Geological engineer is supposed to be perfect in physics, computation, physical and mathematical simulation of geophysical processes; computerized field measurements, field study data processing. These skills and knowledge let our graduators work successfully both in geology exploration and other branches of engineering and science.

Special consideration is given to practice. Two University’s Training Grounds are located in the Crimea (Ukraine) and near Sergiev Posad (Moscow region, Russia). Field experience is provided for in different exploration organizations all over the country.