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School of Exploration and Mining Technologies

School of Exploration and Mining Technologies

This School prepares specialists in geological exploration (technology and technique of mineral resources exploration), mining (subsurface ore mining, opencast mining, survey, mine and underground construction, mining ecology, mining machinery and equipment, electrification and automation of mining industry), physical processes of mining and oil-and-gas production, oil and gas extraction(oil and gas boreholes drilling).

The School trains either specialists (Engineer’s degree) in Geological exploration technologies; Mining; Physical processes of mining or oil-and-gas production or Bachelors in Oil and gas extraction and in Construction with following specializations:

Specialization in Geological exploration technologies (Engineer’s degree) is as follows:

  • Technology and machinery of mineral resources exploration

Specializations in Mining (Engineer’s degree) are as follows:

  • Underground ore mining
  • Opencast mining
  • Mine Surveying
  • Mining machinery and equipment
  • Mining Electrification and automation
  • Mining Ecology
  • Mining underground construction

Specialization in Physical processes of mining or oil-and-gas production (Engineer’s degree) is as follows:

  • Mining Physical processes

The mining engineer of this specialty gets the universal knowledge and experience concerning not only the traditional and modern physical and technological processes, but also the new perspective ones, connected to the Hydraulic transport utilized with kinetic energy of artificial tornado effect; Underwater mining in internal basins; Examination the coastal and deep-water deposits of the sea and oceanic floor; Hydrometallurgical re-division of valuable components, etc.

Specialization in Oil and Gas Extraction (BSc) is as follows:

  • Oil and gas well drilling.

The students of this specialty go through practical and pre-graduation training at the leading industrial enterprises of oil-and-gas department of Russian Federation, such as:

  • Podzemburgaz
  • Gazprom
  • ANK Bashneft
  • Tatneft-Burenie
  • Tatarian Oil & Gas Prospecting Expedition
  • Severregion gaz
  • Yamburggazdobycha

Specialization in Construction (BSc)

  • The specialization is: Water supply and canalization

During their study the students get necessary knowledge in architecture, the technology of water intake structure, hydrogeological and oil-and-gas boreholes; chemistry of water, oil and gas; monitoring of water and air environment; water intake, transportation, purification and discharge.