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Geological Prospecting School

Geological Prospecting School

This School trains specialists in surveying and exploration of all kinds of mineral deposits, precious metals, rough diamonds, rare and radioactive metals. As well the School offers academic programs in gas and oil geology, geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy, technology of precious stones and metal treatment.

More than 600 students are studying now at 7 departments of this School. More than 100 lecturers and professors are working here.

Theoretical background is supplemented with field studies in Moscow region, the Crimea, Karelia, the Urals. Research institutes, state and private geological prospecting organizations, industrial establishments affiliated to the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection are also available for students’ practice.

The School of geological prospecting is the oldest at our University. Its foundation inside Moscow State University coincided with the foundation of Moscow Mining Academy. Later, in 1930, both institutions were reorganized into Institute of geological prospecting.

Graduate students may pursue any of the following degrees - either Engineer’s degree in applied geology or Bachelor’s degree in technology of decorative material processing.

Comprehensive university term is 5 years for Engineer’s degree and 4 for BSc.

Our graduates are competitive to manage and lead large state and private companies engaged in geology, mining, oil-and-gas industries. They have as well an opportunity to extend their education within academic programs at graduate schools of the leading research universities of Russia and foreign countries.

Specializations in Applied Geology (Engineer’s degree)

  • Geological survey and exploration of minerals

Graduators are well informed with modern approaches to geological mapping, environmental-geological survey of territories with different geological profile. Prospecting work techniques to locate metal and nonmetal ore deposits; fuel and energy resources are perfected as well. Students make a close study of electronic mapping and atlas compilation using modern computer technologies and processing geological-geographical data to prospect mineral resources.

A wide range of skills in engineering and comprehensive branches are essential to explore and develop mineral resources. Our students take different approaches to estimate economic –geological status of mineral resources, they are familiar with the scope of work in research and planning organizations and are able both to make expert appraisal and to license a field when engaged in geological prospecting expeditions or mining companies.

Specialists in geological prospecting of precious metals and diamonds are provided with profound knowledge in mineralogy, geochemistry and geology of precious metal and commercial diamond deposits as well as in technology which meets demands for ecologically friendly utilization. Our graduators are prosperous with computerized data processing as well. Integrates approaches to mineral raw materials utilization based on geotechnological methods of extracting precious ore components are also scrutinized.

Students are provided with high quality educational opportunities in research geology of strategic mineral recourses, metallogeny and property prediction, reconnaissance and searching. Technologies of radioactive material processing are explored as well. Graduate students are competent with the latest standards of prospecting analysis and electronic prediction data processing. Methods of deposits modeling in 3D format and theory of mining geology are studied as well.

  • Gas and Oil Geology

Students are supposed to master geological and geophysical methods of reconnaissance and searching; oil and gas field developing, which are combined with dynamics and statics modeling of hydrocarbon raw material deposits; skills to predict their progress and protect environment when prospecting a district for oil and gas.

These programs help our graduators to be competitive in large oil and gas companies.

  • Applied geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy.

Curricula execute latest analytical methods for mineral diagnostics, mineral constitution study, geochemical factors of rocks and minerals. Students become aware of computerized approaches to interpret formation conditions and history of geological material and minerals, evolutionary planetary processes.

Deep and wide comprehension of earth science makes our graduators demanded in geological prospecting teams, mining companies, research laboratories and scientific institutes.

Specialization in technology of decorative material processing (BSc):

  • Technology of precious stone and metal processing

Students of this department make a close study of artistic design techniques; master their expert appraisal skills to rate precious stones and jewellery. Methods and technologies of goldsmithery are provided as well.

Courses in Gemology help to adopt principles in mineralogy; diamond precious and semi-precious stones diagnostics. Students obtain experience in certification and expert judgment of precious stones.

Computer design, graphics, styling are lectured by professors from Institute of Gemology and Financial Academy of Russia.

Students undergo practical training in Gohran (Russian National Fund of Precious Metals and Stones), Hermitage Museum, Assay Office of Russian Federation (Moscow).