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Schools and departments

Russian State Geological Prospecting University n. a. Sergo Ordzhonikidzе (MGRI-RSGPU)

The Russian State Geological prospecting University is one of the world’s leading universities training specialists in geological sciences and geological engineering. The University originated from Moscow Mining Academy founded in 1918. More than 30000 high qualified mining engineers including 1,300 international students from 78 countries were trained over the time of its almost centennial existence. Former University name - Moscow Geologigal Prospecting Institute (widely known as MGRI).

Geological Engineering is the practical application of principles, concepts and techniques of the geological sciences to provide sustainable engineered solutions to human needs. These include resource exploitation and management, environmental and geotechnical design involving rock, soil and water interaction, groundwater protection and remediation, risk mitigation, and the non-destructive or geophysical investigation of the subsurface environment for engineering purposes.

Our students gain knowledge related to mineral and energy exploration, evaluation, development and production; engineering site selection; groundwater and geo-environmental engineering including geologic hazards assessment.

Today MGRI-RSGPU have 7 schools (including Graduate School).