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Graduate school

Admission to graduate

In graduate school on a competitive basis, the persons who have higher professional education, creative achievement in scientific research and work on the profile chosen specialty.

Acceptance of applications and documents in the graduate school for all specialties is conducted from May 25 to June 10.

Entrance examinations are held from 15 to 25 June.

Go to graduate school offers to the Rector of the following documents:

  • an application for admission to graduate school;
  • a copy of the diploma with the application (original presented personally) in the presence of a foreign state diploma is a copy of a certificate of equivalence issued by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • a copy of the completed pages of your passport (the original is presented in person);
  • extract from the decision of faculty meeting on a recommendation to graduate school;
  • questionnaire;
  • two 3x4 photos;
  • autobiography;
  • characterization of recommendation from the employer;
  • a copy of the work book, certified in the workplace;
  • list of scientific publications with the application of one of them;
  • scientific abstracts in their chosen specialty and review it the supervisor (if there is no published scientific papers);
  • certificate of surrendered candidate examinations (if available).

Results of final examinations for master's philosophy and foreign language may be counted as admission to graduate school in the presence of the subject in the curriculum of the master.

Persons who have passed the Ph.D. exams in their specialty and foreign language proficiency for admission to graduate school are exempt from the relevant exams.

Admission to graduate school is conducted by full-time and part-time training on budgetary and contractual (paid) basis.

Number of seats for admission to graduate school at the expense of the federal budget is determined by the admission quotas set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Admission is conducted on a contractual basis in excess of the plan.

In graduate school for training on the basis of the budget submitted MGRI-RGGRU alumni and other universities, members of research and industrial organizations, have a tendency to research. Priority Admission to the budget places are the following categories:

  1. Graduates MGRI-RGGRU.
  2. Persons who have scientific publications in the list VAK.
  3. Prize-winners of the All-Russian and international student competitions and contests Science and Engineering students.
  4. The authors of patents and patent applications.
  5. Young professionals who have graduated from college with honors.
  6. Persons who make presentations at scientific conferences and readings.
  7. Persons who have scientific publications (articles, theses), including on a proposed dissertation topic.
  8. Holders of grants for graduate school, received at competitions graduation projects (works).
  9. Activists School faculty MGRI-RGGRU.
  10. Named Fellows.
  11. Persons with a higher average score on the learning outcomes in higher education.
  12. Those who obtain a higher total score on the entrance exams to graduate.

In graduate school for training on a contract basis to host experts sent by companies for contracts or individual contracts, which have touched on the topic of the thesis, provided the necessary material and able to replenish it.

First right of enrollment in graduate school under contract enjoyed by those that meet the requirements for coming to the budget places.

The decision to admit the entrance examination made by the Commission for admission to graduate school (the composition of which is determined by the order of the rector), subject to review of the supervisor to the submitted research papers and abstracts.

Persons admitted to the entrance examination and interview, arrive in Moscow on call in a strictly specified time.

Persons admitted to the graduate school entrance exams, a leave of 30 calendar days to prepare for the exams and the conservation of the average wage in the workplace.

Go to graduate school to take entrance exams:

  • Selected scientific specialty (in the department of revenue);
  • Philosophy;
  • Foreign language.

All exams are conducted on programs drawn up in accordance with the programs of higher education.

The selection committee on the results of entrance exams decides on each candidate, providing admission to the competitive best prepared for research and teaching. Graduate enrollment is made by order of the rector.

The course at postgraduate - 3 years, part-time - 4 years.

Fellowship graduate full-time students enrolled at the expense of control figures admission plan, shall be paid from the date of transfer, but not before the date of dismissal from a previous job.

Admission to the budget places made before September 01 each year, under a contract for training - during the year in accordance with the schedule of post-graduate department.

Graduate students received full-time education, provided with a hostel (not family members). Accommodation fees - according to the current regulations.

Requirements for admission to graduate

I. To abstracts THE SPECIALTY

Essay on the subject should be exploratory in nature, related to the problems of the future dissertation research. Summary issued in volume 15-20 typewritten pages and a half interval 12 pins.

The structure of the essay is an arbitrary, but it should contain:

  • Detailed study topics;
  • A review of literature on the subject and, in the context of his statement of the research problem;
  • Research Unit - the analysis of facts;
  • Finally, summarizing the results of the analysis;
  • Bibliography.

Author of the essay is to discover a clear understanding of the problem, knowledge of the discussion of issues related to it, the ability to select, organize and analyze factual information, make informed judgments, to forecast prospects for its further investigation.

II. For the entrance exam


Entrance examination in the specialty aims to identify research interests and capabilities of the applicant in the field of scientific research.

Go to graduate school is to discover in-depth knowledge of software content of theoretical subjects, have an understanding of the fundamental works and publications that are relevant to the chosen field, navigate to the problems of scientific debate and different points of view on the problems in question, it is reasonable to present the material, show skills concepts and applied research unit to the area of ​​specialization, to show the ability to analyze the material under study, to freely operate the facts.

Exam in the professional school program dealt majors (or high school program totality of objects in terms of the profession).


Philosophy considers the fundamental issues of life, human and knowledge. Philosophical knowledge gives impetus to the human mind learns to think abstractly, to know yourself and the world, to find their way in it, that is, give, what can give no science and no personal experience.

Passing grades on required knowledge of the main philosophical currents of classical philosophical concepts, an overview of the areas of philosophical thought of the twentieth century. Program entrance exam in philosophy takes into account the particular importance of the history of philosophy section, knowledge of which will contribute to a better preparation to pass the exam candidate in philosophy and history of science.

Feature of the examination in philosophy is the philosophy that you can not just "learn" how it can be done by studying some of the other disciplines. Of course, philosophy contains a lot of evidence and theoretical positions that need to learn and know. But the main philosophy - to learn to understand the meaning, logic, maintenance philosophies, their place and role in the history of culture. To do this, read the original philosophical texts, or at least fragments. The study even basic philosophy, like any science, is challenging thoughts.

This approach to philosophy can contribute to the formation of their own thinking.

In a foreign language

Exam in a foreign language aims to identify the body of knowledge needed to graduate more complete study of the forthcoming issues.

The entrance exam includes:

1. Translation of the original text, specialty volume 2000 characters with a dictionary. Preparation Time - 60 minutes.

2. Reading text on a specialty of 1000 characters without a dictionary, and a retelling of a foreign language. Preparation Time - 10 minutes.

3. Conversation in a foreign language on topics related to the special admissions, and on topics related to culture, politics, country studying, etc.

The list of documents required for admission to postgraduate school of foreigners:

- Application form submitted to the Rector in Russian;

- Profile (personal form for foreign citizens);

- Extract from the decision of the chair recommendation to graduate school and the appointment of the supervisor;

- Foreign education documents with the application of education documents state standard of Russian Federation (Master's degree or diploma);

- The approval of the authenticity of the education;

- A copy of the diploma of higher professional education the subjects studied, the number of hours taken and grades;

- Certificate of the equivalence of the education received abroad, a standard form (if the equivalence is not established by the relevant intergovernmental agreements);

- For foreign citizens arriving according the government agreement, instead of a certificate of equivalence of education are allowed direction of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;

- A copy of the document certifying the identity and nationality of the candidate;

- Migration card;

- The invitation to study at the Russian Federation;

- Proof of the Russian language skill level to sufficient for successful completion of the chosen specialty along with Russian postgraduate certificate of completion of the preparatory faculty (department) for foreign nationals; certificate confirming that the state test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); certificate about completion of the Russian language courses at universities of the Russian Federation;

- List of published scientific papers (if any) or abstract in Russian specialty;

- Persons who have passed the Ph.D. exams abroad, must provide the legalized (Apostile) copy of the certificate of candidate examinations, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;

- A medical certificate (in original), indicating the absence of medical contraindications for study in the Russian Federation;

- The certificate (in original), indicating the absence of HIV infection and AIDS, valid in the Russian Federation;

- 2 photos 3x4 cm

Identity document, a diploma of higher professional education and certification of its equivalence, a graduate student are to present personally.

Copies and translations of the Russian language certified by a Russian notary or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country issuing the document. When applying the above notarized copies of the originals of these documents are to present.